Legends of Karlion

The Heroes Set Out

In Which Some Unexpected Resistance is Encountered

The story began after the return of Princess Rowena, Raxton Veritex, Deltus Aegilis and Octavius Maximus from a diplomatic mission to the Kingdom of Sarpedon, where they successfully foiled a plot by the king’s youngest son, Miles the Crafty, to overthrow his father. They were resting in the Imperial Palace, before they were summoned into the presence of Rowena’s father,Tazukar Karlion, the Warlord of the Bronze Horde and Emperor of the East. He commended them for their good work, and told his daughter the Bleys, Tazukar’s druidic advisor, and Rowena’s teacher in magic had a mission for them, which Tazukar was unable to explain. The heroes visited Bleys’ cabin in the woods, and were told that the very land itself felt uneasy. He requested that they visit his pupil, Embrys, who lived far in the West.

Our heroes travelled lightly, and incognito for several days, before coming to an in. Aegilis and Maximus heard a noise out in the woods and went to investigate it. They tripped over a farmer who had been cut in half, and moving forward were ambushed by several dark and shadowy figures. After discovering that their magic did not work on them, they entered into noble combat with them, and eventually struck them down. After they struck down the obvious leader, who swore that he would be revenged upon them, all of the combantants turned to foul-smelling smoke and disappeared.

Meanwhile back at the inn, Raxton and Rowena faced their own set of enemies, who also turned to smoke after being defeated. Scouring the inn, Raxton discovered that the inn-keeper and his family had been killed. After burying them, our heroes proceeded again westward, with many new questions.



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