Deltus Aegilis

A Dreamwalker from the disbanded IV Legion, Aegilis walks a fine line between loyalties.


Great +4 Survival
Good +3 Domination, Melee Weapons
Fair +2 Resources, Athletics, Divination
Average +1 Leadership, Endurance, Empathy, Rapport

Shield Training
Personal Magic Item
Weapon Specialization

Fate Points
Refresh: 3

A Touch of Insanity
A Second Chance
Cut the gab—just thrust and jab
Captain of the Guard
A modicum of terror
Wrath of the populace
The sword is best, so ignore the rest

Medium Armour
Hot, Heavy
1 Major, 1 Minor consequence

Small Shield
Short Sword
Riding Horse


Noble Aegilis displayed early tendancies to dreamwalk, and because of the rarity of this gift was inducted into the Dreamwalker cadre of the IVth Legion. He served Emperor Tazukar faithfully and rose up through the ranks. To keep his life during the Uprising of the IVth Canton, Aegilis proved his loyalty and worth by betraying his former comrades, the extremely rebellious Dreamwalkers.

After the Uprisiing, the IVth Legion, including the Dreamwalkers, was disbanded. To hide from those who feared and hated the Dreamwalkers, Aegilis found refuge in the warband of Raxton Veritex of the Praetorian Guard, eventually rising to captaincy. Raxton took advantage of Aegilis’ information gathering abilities, while Aegilis welcomed the sanctuary from his enemies.

Lady Rowena was assigned by her father to secure a trade relation with the King of Separdon. Raxton and his warband were assigned as guards. While traveling they discovered a plot to overthrow the kingdom.

Deltus Aegilis

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