Raxton Veritex

The son of one of the Horde's greatest heroes, Raxton is a young knight still finding his place.


Great (4) Melee Weapons
Good (
3) Leadership, Resources
Fair (2) Resolve, Power: Warding,Power: War, Academics
Average (
1) Athletics, Alertness, Survival, Endurance, Art, Might, Rapport

Carindale: Weapon of Destiny
Battle Healing
Shield Training
Flawless Parry

My Father’s Shadow
Gwalechmar’s Prodigy
Hand In The Wolf’s Mouth
Carindale, Blade With Whom I Now Die
“It Worked On Parchment”
Sword Hand of the War Priests of Tyr
Protect The Princess
12th Peer of the Praetorian Guard
Fate Points
Refresh: 4

Hot, Heavy, Noisy

Bastard Sword “Carindale” 3/4
Small Shield
Spear 2/3


Raxton Veritex’s father Torvand died as a mighty hero in a useless battle, and Drianne took her life shortly thereafter. As the son of Tazukar’s best friend, Raxton was raised by the Praetorian Guard, especially Gwalchemar. When Raxton was a young man, an emissary from Potsdorn came, and after some foolish words, Raxton found himself in a duel with a superior swordsman. He would not back down, and used his father’s sword to win.

After the Uprising of the IVth Canton, and at the request of Tazukar, Raxton placed the Renegade Dreamwalker Deltus Aegilis in command of his warband. Aegilis is now Raxton’s right-hand man, and is, in general, the military mastermind behind most of the military maneuvers. Raxton is now a full member of the Praetorian Guard, and used the magic he learned in the Temple of Tyr, the Horde god of war and bravery, and the skill of Aegilis to quell an rebellion in the VI Canton.

Recently he travelled with his childhood friend Edith to Separdon to secure a trade envoy. There was an attempt to take over the King on the part of his son, which was foiled by the heroes.

Raxton Veritex

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