Raxton's Weapon of Destiny

weapon (melee)

Spend a fate point to gain access to the sword, even when it should not normally be accessible.
General enhancement: +1 Melee Weapons
Rugged enhancement: Impossible to destroy by most normal means, and has the “Rugged” aspect.


Carindale: Carindale is an old sword made by the Atlanteans in the early days when they were still establishing their power. One of their early creations was to simply augment the power of humans through increasing their size and strength. While the experiment was successful, resulting in powerful warriors, these giants eventaully rebelled, were crushed, and evetually replaced by more profitable servants.

Carindale was a long sword made for one of those Atlantean giants. Legend surrounds the blade, claiming that it was forged for the general of their military forces by Weyslann, the legendary smith. As a sword for a giant, it is somewhat larger than ordinary proportions used in modern weapons. The blade is a little longer than a typical longsword, and the handle is also longer to accomodate a broader fist. It is still useable in a single hand of a modern human, though the slightly unwieldy nature of the heavy weapon takes some getting used to. Orichalcum writing and decorations cover the handle, guard, and blade of the weapon. Most modern swords fashionable in the hoard are patterned after Carindale and the small number of artifact blades (such as Minfreude used by Tazukar) that still remain intact. Modern replicas of these weapons can copy the form and style, but lack the quality and durability of the ancient blades.

The Veritex family claim to be descended from the Atlanteans, and explain this as their reasons for posessing the sword. An old tale associated with the sword is that any hand that wields it will die through violence. Most scholarly types laugh at this, and state that surely not every wielder has died a violent death. The fact that the recent wielders did is clearly more a testament of the times they were living in, rather than anything to do with the sword itself.


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