Combat Arts

This is a Power Skill which is developed by many Dreamwalkers, allowing them to use their formidable mental powers in combat situations, rather than only when sleeping, or after close association with their targets.

Invigorate: You can perform a maneuver to place temporary aspects such as “Healthy as a Horse” or “Vigorous Constitution” on yourself, or to counteract negative aspects relating to poisoning, poor health, etc.

Sieze the Initiative: You can sense others’ motives and ideas a fraction before they can, helping you to gain initiative. Each point of spin you gain on a +0 difficulty roll is added to your initiative.

Combat Trance: You may enter a combat trance, and use your abilities while awake. Roll a +0 difficulty roll. If successful, the Dreamwalker may use all Power Skills as though asleep. Other combat skills are modified by Combat Arts.

Power Drain: You may tap your own inner reserves of magical energy, damaging yourself with either stress or consequence to augment your power use. +1 for a stress point, +2 for a Minor Consequence, +3 for a Major, and +4 for a Severe. The drain must be declared before the roll.

Combat Arts

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