Speak to the Dead: You can communicate with spirits of the dead. This may be used for assessments or declarations; its difficulty depends on the information and the environment.

Luck: You can bestow short-term good or bad luck on a target via a maneuver creating a temporary aspect such as “This arrow has your name on it!” or “This is your lucky day.”

Relieve Pain: The target may temporarily ignore a consequence’s effect for a period of time on the Time Increments Table equal to the number of shifts generated. Difficulty depends on the consequence severity.

Arrest Disease/Poison/Curse: You can delay the effects of a disease or poison on a target for a time on the Time Increments Table for a time equal to the shifts generated. The difficulty is the potency, quality, or effect number of the disease or poison.

Bless: You may place aspects relating to fertility on animals, plants and people.

Discorporate: Your body falls into a trance, freeing your spirit to fly around and observe in the Otherworld. You are intangible and invisible while discorporate; you may use power skills, and or power or abilities that can detect spirits can affect you. On a power fumble you are trapped in your discorporate form.

Fertility: For a Fate Point, you can make a livestock animal heavily pregnant or a plant bear fruit immediately, creating a temporary aspect. This can be used for food, and is often performed as a ritual or group working using the area effect rules.


Legends of Karlion Veiltender