Great Houses of the Empire

Great Houses of the Old Empire:
(A Note on Names: Old Imperial Surnames precede the personal name, while Horde surnames come after the personal name, and usually also have an epithet. With the recent conquest, and subsequent linguistic blending, these practices are starting to change towards Horde custom. Additionally, in day to day use, the case endings are rarely used).

Juliani—this is the house which the first, and longest-reigning, dynasty of the Old Empire came from. Primarily associated with military prowess, their star has fallen because of the defeat of the Imperial Army by the Bronze Horde. House Head: Julius Quintius

Aureliani—The house of the previous Emperor. Tazukar has married the eldest daughter of this house. It is rumoured that a scion of the Imperial Family survived, but members of this family vigourously reject this, fearful of a Horde Purge. House Head: Aurelius Tristanus

Kaliaritedes—This family has traditionally led the opposition faction in the Imperial Senate. They trace their lineage to Cathiarthes Brutus, who overthrew Paulus VI, ultimately leading to the Founding of the Old Empire. Another member of their house, Kaliartes Brithus, was part of the coalition which put Aurelius I on the throne. They seem content to be the power behind the throne. Their feelings toward Tazukar are ambivalent. House Head: Kaliartes Tyrkanus

Trimegenti—This house is associated with the Collegium, the name for the priesthood of the Imperial Cult. The rex ordinate, or master of the rites, the chief priest of the Imperial Cult is traditionally from this family. There are members of this family serving in every priesthood in the Empire, and they are particularly renowned for their prowess in magic. House Head: Trimegentus Maximus


Vesteri—The Vesteri have an unsavoury reputation because of their association with slave trade. Slavery is not illegal in the Old Empire although it is frowned by Horde Culture, except for slaves taken in battle.

Veritexi—This Bronze Horde family has recently been named a Great House by the Imperial Senate. They are a trading family, who already had strong connections with the Old Empire even before Tazukar’s victorious campaign. The leader of Tazukar’s warband, the Praetorians, during the Conquest, Sir Tarland Veritex the Bold, came from this house. House Head: Frederich Veritex the Red

Great Houses of the Empire

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