• Bleys


    Mysterious Druid adviser to Tazukar, and tutor of Rowena
  • Deltus Aegilis

    Deltus Aegilis

    A Dreamwalker from the disbanded IV Legion, Aegilis walks a fine line between loyalties.
  • Gwalchmar


    The eldest of the Praetorian Guard, and special mentor to Raxton
  • Gwengadd


    One of Tazukar's Praetorians
  • Octavius Maximus

    Octavius Maximus

    A recently freed slave, this gladiator-trained minotaur is a welcome asset to Raxton's warband.
  • Raxton Veritex

    Raxton Veritex

    The son of one of the Horde's greatest heroes, Raxton is a young knight still finding his place.
  • Rowena


    The youngest daughter of Tazukar, Rowena is making a name for herself in the world.
  • Soldiers of the 3rd Legion

    Soldiers of the 3rd Legion

    Portions of a Fist of the Third Legion Garrisoned Near Cei's Castle
  • Tazukar


    Warlord of the Bronze Horde and Emperor of the Land